WORD Youth Ministry

WORD Youth Ministry invites middle school, high school teens, and young adults, ages 13–19 years old, whom are eager to live as disciples of Jesus Christ, to grow spiritually, and to live as responsible Christians.

We are a Youth Ministry family with a Christian Foundation called to serve our brothers and sisters in need by bringing awareness, inspiring hope and to strengthen a faith in Jesus Christ.

As a Ministry, we aim to:

  • Draw young people to a responsible participation in life, mission and work of our Catholic Faith Community.
  • Provide opportunities to connect to the Church.
  • Invite young people to practice and live out their faith in their daily lives.
  • Provide resources for required service hours for Confirmation and Public School.
  • Help with Spiritual Growth to encourage strong identities as Catholic Youths.
  • Grow awareness in Social Justice in our community.