Confirmation Program Updates!
The Confirmation Office is now Registering for the month of August!
Please call the Confirmation Office for more details @ 714- 901-9946.

  • The following is needed in order to register for Confirmation Year I: A Baptismal Certificate, First Communion Certificate, Proof of Bible School attendance for 7th & 8th grade (if attended), proof they attended a Catholic High School (if attended), and a fee of $130.
  • Confirmation Year II: A fee of $230. Additionally, Year II students must complete all homework from last year in order to register.
  • The Confirmation Pictures are ready in the Confirmation Office, please come and pick up your pictures ASAP.
  • Catechists & Volunteers Needed!
    The Faith Formation Program at our Parish is in need of Catechists and Volunteers. Please prayerfully consider volunteering in Blessed Sacrament Faith Formation. We invite you (parents, teachers, college students….) to consider being God's messenger to spread the Good News and open the children's hearts to the Lord. You could volunteer as main teacher, assistant, office helper, or special events. Classes are open on Weekend and weekday, from Grade 1 through Confirmation, and also the Adult Faith Formation. Please contact Faith Formation @ 714-892-4489 x 207 or Faith

    Rite of Christian initiation for Adults (RCIA) & Adult Confirmation


    WANT TO BECOME A CATHOLIC? Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a Catholic? If you have not been baptized, have been baptized in another Christian Faith or baptized Catholic and not received your First Eucharist


    A new class is starting in December, with Confirmation on Pentecost Sunday, May 20, 2018. If you are an ADULT that have been baptized and received your First Communion, but have NOT received your Confirmation, please join this class, be confirmed and become a fully initiated member of the Catholic faith. All Catholics are strongly encouraged to be Confirmed & to receive the strength to practice the Faith.


    English: Sundays, 9 AM - 12PM Deacon Matt Calabrese
    Spanish Thursdays ,7PM-8:45PM Deacon Miguel Sanchez
    Vietnamese Sundays, 3:30PM-7PM Fr. Khoi Tan Phan