Adult Bible Class

St. Jerome, a Father and Doctor of the Catholic Church, insists that ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ. He gives a strong exhortation, urging all Christians to recognize that serious Bible study is a necessity, not an optional luxury. A basic understanding of Scripture is necessary to understand and appreciate God’s plan for salvation for all.

Blessed Sacrament Church offers adult Bible study on Monday evenings and repeats on Tuesday mornings (whichever fits your schedule). View Upcoming Events for times, location and theme. Having Bible study in the morning and evening gives people an opportunity to attend it depending on their individual schedule. One of the advantages of attending this Bible study is that it also helps you understand the Catholic faith better as he explains and teaches the many essential elements of our faith along with it. Come and join the many parishioners who attend the study regularly and enrich your knowledge of scripture and have a deeper appreciation for Catholic faith.